Yan Xiao Liu

Yan Xiao Liu[1] is a seventeen year boy, who is a student of the School of Quing-cheng Sword Style.




It was his first time facing such a hostile opponent at the age of seventeen, which he intented to kill. Yan Xiao Liu has been training and practising thousands of Quin-cheng Sword techniques, swinging his blade 500 times a day for the past six years. He trusts with no hesitation...

Techniques Edit

  • Star Chasing Moon (Wudang-had-Yan). Power surges from the forceful step of his foot, up his waist, through his chest and arm, and out his very fingertips. Each muscle and joint multiplies the energy grows in strength following through to the tip of his sword. This ancient, secret technique plunging his sword with deadly accuracy at his opponent's throat.

Major BattlesEdit

  • Yan Xiao Liu vs Ghost Blade Chen. He confronted him in Guanxian at the beginning of the history between two land owners. They represent one of each land owner.


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