School of Wudang Style[1]


Since it's creation in the Yuan Dynasty by Zhang Sanfeng not two hundred years have passed. However in the Yongle Period, Emperor Zhu Di ordered of the Yuzen Palace for Wudang, and their popularity vastly increased. Twenty years ago, the former Wudang Head Tieqing Zi with thirty eight of his most skilled swords, elimated the Wu Yi Religion, At the time Wu Yi Religion was the most evil martial arts style at the time.[2]

In the violent fight between good and evil, Wudang won, but suffered tremendous losses. Out of the thirty eight students who went with the headmaster, only five survived. One of them was Ye Chen-Yuan, who was at the time, nearly twenty years old. Ever since Wudang has become even more famous, and was given the privilege to build stone monuments by the goverment. Wudang is listed in the rankings of the good styles, and rivals of the Shaolin temples, which is considered the master of martial arts due to it's various deadly techniques. From there on, Wudang changed, the training became tougher. Some say Gongsun Qing's desire for power drove him onto the path of evil, and that he has killed to many in his life.[2]

Gongsun Qing continued to use the Yuzen Palace built by the order of the emperor as the center of Wudang. However the imperial court wasn't happy about it. Though the rules of The Empire were strict, styles such as Quing-cheng and Wudang have such a massive miltary strength that the goverment outposts tryed their best not to be involed with them. First of all the good styles helped keep the peace of the entire country. Secondly, if any of styles was truly angered, no one, even with the army, had any hopes of winning, and thus the groups could do as they pleased. With no one restraining Wudang, Wudang's style grew exponetially in twenty years.[2]

Five years ago, Gongsun Qing died, and under the current headmaster, Wudang Style have become more active, sending it's students all over the martial arts world. In a few years, many smaller martial arts, in places all visited by Wudang's students, were defeated and then added under Wudang's banner.


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