School of Quing-cheng Sword Style[1]


The School of Quing-cheng Sword Style has 142 students, all of whom are organized into three categories. They live in the Quing-cheng Mountains meaning Green City Mountains.

Once this students are on the mountain, their background no longer matters. There, they are trained intensively for two years. Generally, half the entering students are unable to handle that form of training. Within those two years, they flee or resign from the school. Only those with the natural ability to understand the harsh training, and genuinely want to study martial arts, are later elevated to Novice, thus becoming official students of the martial arts style. The students have no age limit, even people of advanced age will be limited to this level, and will have to continue in their efforts to excel and advance.

When a Novice is finally recognised, he is sent down the mountain to test his abilities with the sword. This test usually involves the student defeating and killing an evil martial artist or bandit. This is the dream of each and every Novice. From then on, the most difficult and secret techniques are taught to the student by the headmaster himself. If they are successfull in their endeavor, they are elevated to Adept the highest ranking pupil, and then added to the school's rank system. [2]

Renown Students Edit


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